Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tonight - Free Flamenco & Bossanova

Record-breaking temps make this late-April Monday anything but ordinary. I reccommend making the night even more memorable by escaping your stuffy non-air-conditioned apartment and checking out one of these two live music events:

Greta Panettieri @ Bocca Restaurant - 9 E 19th St between Broadway & Park Ave
Italian-born bossa nova singer, Greta Panettieri, brings the Brazilain tradtion to life in N.Y.C. at this FREE event. Her beautiful vocals are accompanied by electric bass (Mike LaValle) and piano (Andrea Sammartino).

Gipsy Kings @ Via dei Mille - W. Broadway between Broome & Grande
Sexy flamenco guitar, vocals and some surprise scantily clad dance performances make this monthly residency a must. Reservations are probably all booked for a table, but come hang at the bar or stake your claim on the dance floor. They may even let you jam with them after a few Coronas...but it's B.Y.O.D. (bring your own djembe)


SCOTT said...

darn. too far for my feet to travel. got any noteworthy events in west australia, lol..

Baba said...

Just back from 3 weeks in Southern Italy. I'm music starved for N.Y.C. Anymore of these delicious events coming up ? Do share !

Courtney said...

Well, Scott, when you finally travel to N.Y.C. you'll know exactly which events to hit. What's the music scene like in Perth?

Baba-- so jealous of your S. Italy adventures! Now that you're back in NY you should check out Tuesdays at Euzkadi on E. 4th St. and 2nd Ave. Every Tuesday is Flamenco night. Also check the monthly calendar at Le Poisson Rouge....they have lots of great world artists.