Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where Can She Be?

My blog is looking a little sparse lately....this I know and feel somewhat guilty about. But to dispel any myths that might be circulating, my absence is neither from a) being hospitalized from too many weeks of free eating or b) a sudden relocation to a remote village in Southern Italy where Wi-Fi doesn't exist(although it has crossed my mind).

Rather I'm utterly consumed with a marketing start-up business that I'm launching in New York City this May. It goes without saying that anything labeled "start-up" requires lots of attention, and this one is no different. I'll leak some more details once the project is out on the streets, but for now, it's kind of hush hush.


Lauren (Lo) said...

haha...loooooooooove the play on words!

Em and GC said...

Good luck!!