Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Eats Day 8: Yes, I'm still free eating

Yesterday, Metro NY contacted me at around lunch time to schedule some photo coverage of my experiment. Technically my first week ended on Sunday, but as Day 8 got underway it was clear I'd have no trouble erasing my case of the Mondays with some gourmet freebies.

I met the photographer at Chelsea Market for some bread and Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil at Buon Italia. Their bread basket was the fullest I'd ever seen it and their olive oil prices are moderate for the city. After that nosh, it was on to Chelsea Market Baskets for several pieces of dark chocolate. My camera battery ran out of juice at lunch, but you should be witnessing the photo evidence in print this week if Metro runs the story.

At about 7pm I was tipped off by one of my oldest childhood friends via Facebook:
Westside Market on 15th and 7th (my local grocery store) - Not sure if you are still looking for free food, but they always have little nibbles there, cheese, chips and guac, drinks..etc....You would prob get lucky there! -Lisa

Westside Market 15th St. and 7th Ave. 8:00pm
Free Eats: Too much bread pudding and Magic Pops with roasted pepper hummus
Normal Price: I was so mesmerized by the Magic Pops machine that I forgot all about prices.
Method: Sample, take a lap, sample, sit down in the dining area, sample, exit and re-enter, sample, etc.
Food Groups: Packin' on the carbs
Free Thoughts: The bread pudding is better than sex. If I never ate another Magic Pop, I'd be just dandy, but I want that magic machine for my bedroom. Some people count sheep, I'll count Magic Pops...

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