Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Eats Day 7: Salsa y Chips

My social life, has been rather non-existent this week. Despite putting several invitations out there, none of my girlfriends are jumping at the chance to have a free sample soirée. And I haven't quite perfected my dating strategy yet...

Date: Hey Courtney, would you like to have dinner this week?
Me: Uhh, sure, Wendesday at 5pm is perfect. Whole Foods...in the produce section...I'll bring the ziplocs, you bring the sporks.

Date: Errr...ummm...(click)

But on my seventh night (Sunday) I had long-standing plans with a dear friend to listen to Chris Washburne's afro-cubano band at my favorite jazz club, Smoke, in Harlem. He was totally open to joining the free eatathon so I hit Deal Feed and other recession special sites in search of a dinner deal a la Dell'Anima. I stumbled upon these threads for free chips and salsa, which led me to Mama Mexico on Broadway and 102nd St.


Cheap drinks, NO! Festive free toonage, YES, and what looked like incredible guac, but I'll have to try that on my next visit or maybe never...it's $11 a pop!!


Anonymous said...

Does that not violate the free-ness? you have to pay for drinks... so the price of chips and salsa is built into the drinks

gansie @ endless simmer said...

glad you found our rant on the availability of free chips useful. and i LOVE your glasses.