Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Eats Week Starts NOW

Free Eats NYC Week is starting off with an unexpected glitch. The mice and rats have taken over NYC apartment, driving both me and my roomie out of the city for at least the next day and a half while Orkin takes care of business.

Where does that leave me? In sunny, suburban Long Island where the notion of "free samples" hasn't quite caught on, which just means I'm gonna need to be more clever to get any grub today. So far I found a Value Pak coupon for a free cookie or coffee at Cafe Portofino in downtown Northport. For lunch I'll swing by Trader Joe's and hope for a bountiful spread.

Dinner will require a little help from my sis and her COSTCO membership card. Once I'm in I'll make a few laps around the cheese and international foods section where they are usually OK with double and triple sampling. It is a bulk warehouse after all.


Lauren (Lo) said...

Are you allowed to drink your morning jug of Mate still?!?

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Definitely interested to see how things go for you! I don't even your week, though. Thank goodness for free wouldn't last a day in Italy - they haven't really gotten the whole Costco mentality ;)