Monday, February 9, 2009

Stay Tuned: Free Eats Begins Next Week

We once thought Rachel Ray was a real savvy chick for eating on $40 a day, until self-proclaimed "Nobody," Leon Logothetis, began travelling the world on $5 a day.

"But how about $0 a day?" I asked myself as I crunched on free animal crackers at Whole Foods.

"Can I survive an entire week and not ever spend a penny on food?"

Well, given our dismal economy, I decided this is the perfect time to put my experiment to the test. Beginning on Monday, February 16th I'll be living from free sample to free sample, seeing how far I can go without ever buying a single morsel.

Watch my Free Eats adventure unfold right here, where I'll be posting videos, photos and tips on the tastiest, healthiest and most indulgent freebies in the city. But until Friday....bring on the bacon explosion.
[Photo: Vegsarasota]


Lauren (Lo) said...

Wow...does this mean we can't snack on any cheese or eat out while I am in town?

strive4impact said...

This looks like an awesome experiment. I'll look forward to coming back and seeing how it goes!

Jonathan Kraft