Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Eats Day 4: Gourmet Lunch

Thanks to a tip from Caryn at 89th and broke, I started today's snack-a-thon at Gourmet Garage in the W. Village.

Gourmet Garage 7th ave & 10th Street - 3:00pm
Free Eats: 7 olives and a 2 handfuls of Gourmet Garage kettle-cooked sweet potato chips.
Normal Price: $6.99/lb Oil cured olives (my favorite)
Method: Casually lingering
Food Groups: Vegetables
Free Thoughts: I hear they have a great cheese sample too, but I couldn't track it down. The sweet potato chips have a similar flavor to Kumara fries, my guiltiest Kiwi pleasure. Hey, does anyone know if they're sold in NYC?

Next stop...Bleeker Street!

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