Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Coffee This Week: UES & UWS

Hanging uptown today? Get a free coffee at the below locations. Magic words: "It's on SeamlessWeb."

Cafe Con Leche • 725 Amsterdam Ave
Tasty Cafe • 2062 Broadway
Gracie Cafe • 1530 York Ave
Seattle Cafe • 1411 Madison Ave
Old John’s Luncheonette • 148 West 67th St
Rive Gauche Bakery Cafe • 336 East 86th St
Gigi Cafe • 2067 Broadway
Champignon • 1389 Madison Ave

Same goes for next week (February 23–27) but in the Financial District:
Beekman Cafe • 168 William St
Pane Peppe • 295 Greenwich St
Traders Express Deli • 22 Beaver St
Freddo Cafe • 120 Greenwich St
Patuca Fine Food • 41 John St
Champs Gourmet Deli • 30 Broad St
Stage Door Deli • 26 Vesey St


The Ex-Gifted Child said...

have you tried the free bread samples at Miro cafe on broadway and houston? there's a big bowl of free bread for you to enjoy.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Are you Jewish? Heeb Magazine wants to know. Seriously. ... ask for the Dreidel Hustler.