Monday, May 19, 2008

Window Seat

A European woman loves to perch on her window sill. She curiously spies on the neighbors, her perfectly quaffed Aqua Net hair not blowing an inch in the breeze. Sometimes if the window is close enough to ground level, she starts a friendly conversation in dialect, to which I usually just smile and say Buona Giornata. And if the mood strikes, she even take her pet out for a sun bath (or annual tooth cleansing like this Catalan lady).

I can only remember one time when I perched outside a window. It was a summer day in 2006 during NYC's Gay Pride March.

I balanced a glass of white wine in one hand while catching beads, rainbow buttons, neon condoms, and penis-shaped soap thrown from outrageous floats. J-Lo and Madonna blasted which made conversation (in dialect or otherwise) rather unnecessary. Sculpted bodies danced their way towards Christopher St. while fabulous drag queens with perfectly quaffed hair blew me kisses. [Photo (right): © Janet Mayer / PR Photos]


Giancarlo & Emily said...

I love the little old ladies making conversation outside their window. Right before they put on their high heels and go for a gelato!

Gabriele said...

i suggest you to take a walk in the most hidden "calli" of the Castello quarter in Venice, or even better in Murano or Burano islands. you will find them outside, sitted on an old chair close to the house door, all day long... with a great desire to talk with anyone!

Kristie said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and really enjoy reading your stories! I just had to ask if you would be intrested in doing a short (through email) interview about living as expat? I have done a few before and they were so fun to hear from other people living in other countries and what their experiences were. Just let me know! My email is kjd1127 (at symbol) gmail (dot) com!