Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mission Possible: 5-Star Pool Crashing

There comes a time in every backpackers' journey when we need a little luxury. A little reminder of la dolce vita. For me and fellow 'packer, Stephanie, the time was this weekend.

Don't get me wrong, I love being on the road, sleeping in hostel bunk beds, wearing t-shits with holes in them and living off free breakfast croissants. But on my final weekend in Treviso it was 5-star service we were after. Our sights were set on the most luxurious hotel in Venice, San Clemente Palace, a converted monastery on a private island which boasts a modest 800 Euro/night price tag and can only be reached by the hotel's personal water taxi.

Unfortunately our desire to be pampered didn't really jive with the collective 20 Euro we had in our wallets so any chance of living the high life would require creativity, charm and maybe a few white lies.

Which takes me to midday Saturday--Piazza San Marco, Venice. Our plan was clear: Find the dock where San Clemente's guests board their exclusive water taxi and hop on. Once we arrive at the private island, follow signs to the pool. Change into bathing suits in the cabana and assume tanning position in pool-side lounge chairs. Our mantra was simple, "If you believe it, they will too."
The photos tell the rest of the story...

Waiting patiently on the dock for the complimentary water taxi

Enjoying the ride

Trying to hunt down the pool without looking suspicious

A quick change into our bathing suits

Pool-side tennis courts

Total relaxation (and really soft frette towels) Heading back to San Marco after three hours of sunning. We drove the boat back. Thanks Signoro Papas!


Romerican said...

Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish with the right attitude?! I've noticed that especially in Italy- if you just walk in like you belong there, nobody questions you.
Nice work!!!

Nomadic Matt said...

random question: are you permanently in italy or just there for a bit longer?