Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's in New York

New York City was bubbling with anticipation when I arrived at Penn Station only 45 minutes before the clock struck midnight. Young girls paraded around in mini skirts and patent leather pumps braving the brutal wind of midtown, while the boys donned tuxes and wool coats with popped collars. The hot dog stands were working overtime and a new slew of vendors had set up shop next to the hot dogs, selling 2008 eye glasses and top hats.

For the first time in recent memory I wasn't on my way to an over-priced club where, for a mere $200, you can wait 2 hours for 1 glass of free champagne, eat stale hors d'oeuvres, and elbow your way through a sea of drunkards to get to the bathroom, only to wait another hour on line.

Instead, I joined one of my best friends Kelli for a private gathering on Park Ave that turned out to be the PERFECT New Year's Eve event.

The party had all the necessary ingredients and everything just seemed to come together: a beautiful venue with flattering lighting and festive balloons, a DJ who spun 5 hours of hip hop, house and 80's, an easily accessible bar with FREE drinks all night, and just the right amount of guests who were all up for a good time.

Especially the door hostess, who was hired at the last minute from Craigslist. Her party started long before midnight and in a nod of real professionalism she showed up wasted. This class act continued her sloppy rampage for hours, swing dancing with unfortunate bystanders and spewing slurred conversation at anyone she could corner, including me.
At about 2am I noticed her slumped over the podium at the front of the restaurant with the straps of her dress falling off and an empty glass of champagne in her hand.

More drama developed towards the end of the evening when a girl's purse was stolen while she was passed out on the couch. When she arose from her stupor she realized the grim reality and maniacally threw all of the beautiful white pillows on the floor in search of the purse. The proprietor of the restaurant tried stopping her but the girl screamed obscenities and began clawing at his face. She never found her purse.

But amidst all of the drama was a non-stop dance party and numerous toasts to 2008. It was a party to remember but a hangover I'd like to soon forget! Happy New Year!

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