Monday, December 31, 2007

A Savory Serenade

They say singing to your plants will help them grow bigger. My Nana sings to her food, and I think that makes it taste better.

Today I overheard her serenading a pork roast.

Her voice resonated with nostalgia. It was most certainly a melody she learned as a child. I can imagine she picked it up as a little girl sitting on her kitchen floor in Brooklyn while her mother Antoinette hummed in Italian, just loud enough for the orecchiette to hear her and bubble to the top of the pot.

I scribbled down as many of the words as I could catch and (with the help of Google) discovered that my grandma was singing Mamma, made famous by one of the greatest Italian tenors of all time, Beniamino Gigli. Close your eyes and have a listen, it is simply beautiful (and if sung with affection, it makes for a succulent pork roast).

Do you serenade your food too? If so, send me a note and tell me what you sing!

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