Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Waverly Inn's Truffle Mac and Cheese: A Ditty of Desire

Creamy, dreamy, mac and cheesy
John DeLucie's--oh so pleasing.
Al dente pasta, Cavatappi.
His choice of cheese divinely gloppy.
Don't know if it was goat or cheddar,
But with Mac and Cheese, the more the better.
Yet nothing makes my mouth delight
More than truffles, black or white.
Sprinkled on like fairy dust
For John Delucie, they are a must.
Caloric? Yes. And super rich.
(And by rich, I mean $80 bucks a dish)
But Waverly Inn, gets all my praise
Its Mac and Cheese I'll forever crave.


Lauren (Lo) said...

Did you pay $80 for the mac and cheese or is this one of the perks of the new job or the dating scene?xoxo

Courtney said..., I didn't. I actually tasted a small plate of my friend's truffle mac and cheese at a birthday dinner there. My small taste was enough to hook me...

Jason said...

Not to sound overly purist, but i really think Mac and Cheese is a waste of good truffle. Sin to put white truffle in, and since black(canned) truffles have such subtle flavor, all the flavor you taste is just coming from truffle oil that they use to make it taste like truffle. Give me 60$ and ill cook you up what you would have in Alba, xoxo, j

Jason said...

Have you had the truffle and foie gras burger at DB Bistro? I think its the best "abuse" of truffle out there. Also there is a macaroni with magret de canard and truffle and foie gras that is soooo rich it will kill you. Still not 80$, but then again , no paparazzi and no big stars loitering about. x, j.