Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Eats Day 6: Greenmarket Report

Martin's Pretzels 14th on south end of square
Free Eats: 1 and a half crispy hand-rolled "Salted Special" pretzels
Normal Price: $3 for 1
Method: Samples given to those who ask, but for sanitary reasons not left out in a basket.
Food Groups: Bread - 1 pretzel 75 calories
Free Thoughts: These pretzels pack major crunch. Bags of broken pretzel crumbs are sold for $5. Erik, your friendly neighborhood pretzel guy, offered to connect me with his friend's Freegan roommate to get more info. I read that there's a N.Y.C. trash tour for people and tourists who want an inside look at the Freegan lifestyle.

Breezy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill Union Square West
Free Eats: Fuji and Mutsu apple slices
Normal Price: $1.50/lb
Method: Free Samples...Everyone's doin' it!
Food Groups: Blessed fruit...the food group most lacking this week
Free Thoughts: Felt great to get some healthy, locally grown eats!

Locust Grove Fruit Farm Union Square West
Free Eats: Mutsu apple slices and 1/3 cup of hot apple cider
Normal Price: Apples $1.50/lb, cider $2/cup
Method: Ask to try the cider!
Food Groups: F to the R U I T
Free Thoughts: Friendly fruit farmers

WHAT? No free bacon samples??

Oak Grove Mills Union Square West

Free Eats: cup of hulless popcorn
Normal Price: $3/1lb. bag
Method: Bucket o' samples
Food Groups: Vegetables
Free Thoughts: Any popcorn described as "tender" and "revolutionary" is ok with me. It even inspired this free form pop-art.

IS WINE 8th Street & MacDougal
Free Eats: pre-Oscar tasting flight of three wines
(Sparklng Blanc de BlancsPaul de Coste Brut,Viognier Pennautier, Tempranillo Cotoval)
Normal Price: approx $14 for tasted wines
Method: Free Tasting every Saturday from 4-7pm
Free Thoughts: My old neighborhood wine shop is a welcoming Greenwich Village retreat. Exposed brick and beams make for cozy browsing and tasting. Ask for Lauryn, a fellow Italophile, with lots of wine knowledge and no pretense. Go for the Tempranillo Cotoval - excellent value at $14, and nicely complemented by my Garden of Eden pita chips.

All unsold goods from the greenmarket are donated to City Harvest or other organizations!!


Sally said...

You should check to see if there's a local chapter for you of Food Not Bombs. They collect food that's no longer good enough to be sold and turn it into awesome vegan food, then serve it once or twice weekly at a designated time and place for free! I just discovered it and will be going to my first one next Monday.

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