Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Eats Day 6: The Garden of Eatin'

Garden of Eden 14th St. & 5th Ave.
Free Eats: Garlic pita chips, baba ghanoush, hummus, tomato bruschetta (pronounced bru-ske-tah), brown rice salad, baklava. All products from Oasis, based in Chicago.
Normal Price:Two containers of Oasis hummus on sale now for $3.00.
Method: Linger and distract Mo' The Sampler with questions
Food Groups: Bread, veggies and a whole lotta' Mo
Free Thoughts: Strong performance, Mohammed. You like your job, it shows. And for that, I like you. Excellent salesmanship, exquisite Vanna White gestures and your wink...I've watched it on repeat for the past hour while crunching on your nearly disposed of garlic pita chips for dinner. Perhaps your sample supervisor has a rule on chip dimension...smaller than 1'' no good for dipping? I won't accuse you of wastefulness. That might be hypocritical, as we have all wasted something in our lives, whether it be money, food, energy or love and we can all be more conscious of it. I will say thanks, Mo, for being part of my curious experiment in self-discipline and New York generosity...and for giving me major garlic breath from all those pita chips.

Fortunately, I got some free toothpaste at the dentist last week!

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d1g1t4l said...

Oh wow, a Mediterranean feast, where were the grape leaves?