Saturday, December 6, 2008

Off The Brochure Travel Guide: The Amalfi Coast & Capri

Everyone's always asking me how I traveled around the Amalfi Coast for two and a half weeks in the height of summer without breaking the bank. Now you can find all my insider secrets to living like a local here, in a travel guide I wrote or

Look for more of my travel articles on in the coming months.


Lauren (Lo) said...

Checked out the article on Peter Greenberg...well done

Peter said...

Hi Courtney
Nice article at Peter Greenberg. I agree with your comment “the region is 360 degrees of perfection” and why I created this visitor information site including 360 degree photos.
Amalfi Coast

I was trying to track back where else you visited but I have also produced similar guides for Sardinia where we live now("Sardegna" italy not Ohio!) Rome, Tuscany and others in plan. If you want to check them out just type in "360" and the "place name" in google.
I hope you like them and good luck with the ongoing travel writing!