Monday, December 8, 2008

Kings of Leon: Then and Now

I first heard Kings of Leon at Roseland Ballroom during my "live show phase of 2005"; sparked by the low-key Cali guy I was dating at time. I remember the show well; the floor was sticky, I was dressed inappropriately (heels) and I couldn't figure out how to dance to the music. Needless to say, I wasn't a huge Kings of Leon fan, even if their sound was cutting edge.

Me in my "live show phase of 2005"

A few weeks ago I was out in the Hamptons with a group of about ten kiteboarders, one of whom was the adventure-loving outdoorsy guy I'm dating now. I was again dressed inappropriately (left my flannel shirt at home) and I just didn't seem as psyched as everyone else to be getting up at 5am to hit the frigid beach.

Well I did wake up at 5am, to the sound of music blaring in the house. And although my bones ached for a few more hours of sleep, I couldn't, because the song I heard was so good. It was Kings of Leon, "Use Somebody" off their latest album Only By the Night. I couldn't believe it was the same brothers I had heard live three years catchy, so polished. I have been playing it on repeat ever since... Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

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