Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Night 2008 in New York City


Anonymous said...

Fantastic production of this historic night!! Well done!! Vermont's 3 votes were the first on the board for Obama : ))

giuseppe said...

ciao! what i like the most about this new video is its soundtrack "l'ombellico del mondo" by jovanotti (i guess i'm not the only one who considers nyc the belly button of the world!). considering that you love (south) italy so much, i think you might get a kick out of this cover of american boy done by an italian dj i understand this comment is way off topic, so feel free to copy the url and delete the rest :)

Courtney said...

haha...this is so bad, yet entertaining! I think the Italian DJ should let Kanye West do the singing. When I was in Italy I remember how popular "American Boy" was...every radio station...all summer long.. Thanks for the link! Made me smile