Friday, May 30, 2008

Leavin' on a Fast Train...

I know, the lyrics say "jet plane," and until yesterday I was leaving on a jet plane...a dirt cheap Ryan Air flight to Paris, to be exact. But then I found a €30 TrenItalia special from Turin to Paris Gare de Lyon and couldn't pass up the ease of hi-speed train travel. So that's that.

Today's the day I leave Treviso, the city I've called home since November. I don't know when I'll be back again. Despite a few close-minded attitudes and a racist mayor, I've grown quite fond of this place, my simple life here, and more importantly the people I've met.

Each of my six roommates, Gianni, Santi, Dani, Erica, Anna and Lucia has shared a piece of their life with me and have made coming home after a busy day a joy. Yesterday Lucia gave me Beppe Severgnini's book "La Testa Degli Italiani," as a going away gift. It's an ironic attempt to explain what's really going on inside the Italian mind. Hah, so I'm not the only one who doesn't always get it? It's written in Italian and will be my go-to when I need a little brushing up.

I'll also miss my students who kept me young and never cease to make me laugh (and on the off occasion cry). My prized pupil and colleague, Chiara, began English lessons without even being able to say "The book is on the table," but now any topic (and verb tense) is fair game. She's also the Queen of gifts and sent me away with a fabulously plush Armani beach towel. Even softer than the towels at San Clemente Palace.

Then there's the New Zealand rugby crew of sunny Favaro, a neighboring town. They are always up for fun adventures and hearty meals, two things I never get sick of. Samoan buddy, Josh, is one of the most generous, patient and modest people I've ever met. He taught me alot; how to drive a manual car, "smash" a tiramisu in seconds flat, and how to speak Samoan. Talofa Josh, Tash, Ryan, Harley and Honeybear.

Lastly, there are the other two expat extraordinaries, Stephanie and Ginny, who you've read about numerous times on my blog. For them it's definitely not goodbye but only a short farewell until we plan our next adventure together.

And a message to Alessandro: Your yellow mountain bike was my saving grace. It's sitting on the side of my house because I couldn't get in touch with you to return it! Thank you for accompanying us to the wild ride to Favaro. You are a true sweetheart. Forse ci vediamo a Siracusa!

Train's about to leave...gotta get going. Un bacio a tutti.


Nomadic Matt said...

maybe you'll get sent south? juxtapose northern/southern italian living.

chiara said...

"...looking outside and looking inside I see this beauty..."
grazie cara court, sei davvero una "ragazza in gamba"
ti abbraccio

Chris said...


I just stumbled across your blog via the Lost Girls and I started reading it. You're story in beyond interesting so please keep writing. I hope you don't mind but I linked your blog to mine under sights that I read so other people can check out your stories who don't know...

buona fortuna in Parigi..

Jenny said...

Interesting blog.. have updates yet?