Monday, December 10, 2007

Venice Reflections

I've decided to appoint Venice as my go-to destination for reflection. In New York I have a similar place. It's my grandparent's beach house in Southampton where I sit for hours on the rocks watching the swans gracefully cross the inlet. I have achieved my most profound moments of clarity on this beach. It's familiar and peaceful, warm and inspiring.

As I learned this weekend, Venice on a Saturday is anything but peaceful and its not yet familiar, but its grandeur and beauty inspire me. And despite the cold temperatures, I feel warm there. Perhaps I am warmed by a rush of independence.

Here I am, alone in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with surprise and adventure lurking around every corner.

Sure, I have my moments of loneliness and fear. I mean, moving to a foreign country alone is not exactly within the boundries of one's comfort zone, and it's certainly contrary to the conventional idea of "normal" for a 25-year-old American girl. But what is normal anyway? High school, college, cubicle in Corporate America? Last time I checked, cubicles weren't the height of comfort either.

But any time I have a doubt about the choice I've made, I know where I will go. Venice.

Venice - Reflection
I will find a little knook off the beaten track and look down into the still water of the canal. And there I will see my reflection. A reflection of a girl who is figuring out life on her own terms, doing something she has always dreamed of doing and making a mark on the world one day at a time (or at least trying).

And then I will stand up, walk to the nearest caffé and order a cioccolata calda. Because after all is said and done, chocolate is simply the best medicine.

Photo by © andybandi


PiDDuE said...

I love Venice too...
I'm born here, 40 km far from Venice, I was so much times that I don't remember but I'm still love it!
The local language is a little bit different from here so I try ever to to modify my one to be much on empathy with the people around the town.
I've so many situation lived in Venice that I don't remember the preferred one: the first time from my town to venice on train when I was 4, the Canova's exibition on 17 or the first one with the elementary school on secrets prisons of Palazzo Ducale (called "piombi").
I try to choose one but I can't reach. If you on future will go many times to venice I think that you'll have so many photos on your mind that Venice will cut a piece of you heart.

gianni said...

i'm happy for your venice's feelings 'n' impressions....i said you that i love madly this city....
i'm happy 'cause you've feel some emotions that i felt me too....venice it's a old romantic lady nursing and protecting you and your feeling...that's her you?