Thursday, December 13, 2007

Che Freddo

I am strangely cold today.  I almost feel as if I'm freezing from the inside out.  My body is like ice.  I layered on the gloves, hat and scarf but I still felt the chill.  Sad to say, but I don't think any chestnut or hot cocoa can warm me up.  Maybe the Grappa in the kitchen that has "flammable" written on the label will do the trick...I'll let you know.

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PiDDuE said...

Hi Courtney, if the grappa can't warm you, next time can you try with a hot "Vin brulé"!

Ask to Gianni how prepare it!

PS: use a good cabernet made in a vineyard near Piave river.

PPSS: next Sunday on Badoere's Rotonda will be "Christmas little market" full of tipical Treviso's surrounding Christmas atmosphere.