Wednesday, November 14, 2007

24 Hours to Italia

This time tomorrow I'll be in the airport, reading Eat, Pray, Love as I wait anxiously for the boarding call.

Wow, I'm really leaving. (Gulp)

Packing has proven to be nearly as torturous as I predicted. My clothes are like those Magic Grow bath toys I used to play with. The kind that blow up 10 times their size when put in water! Somehow all of my stuff seemed smaller before it got in the suitcase, so now it has become abundantly clear that I will need two suitcases, not one. Double the luggage, double the chance of it getting lost. Uff...

In that case I plan to head straight to Padua (only 1 hour away from Treviso) and pray to St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of lost things:

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down
Something is lost
And can't be found

Wish me luck!

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