Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"You Drive It"

Sunday was devoted to exploring Capri. Our group: the 3 other American tutors, the English tutor, James, and my beautiful host sister, Gloria who has also been our tour guide extraordinaire!

There is no better way to visit Capri than by boat. So when we were handed a boat rental brochure that read, "Capri Boat: You Drive It. Lowest Prices and No Stress," we thought it was too good to be true. Surely we couldn't drive our own boat without signing our life away, providing 5 forms of ID, taking a 2-hour boating course and having our finger prints taken? But after only 10 minutes of instruction (in Italian) and 18 Euros each, we were sailing into the turquoise sea...and loving every minute of it.

Nearly tipping several times from the wake of cruise ships and international yachts, our small but mighty "motoscafo" safely made its way around the rugged eastern coast of the island and towards one of Capri's most important landmarks, I Faraglioni. I decided to take the helm and maneuver the boat through the famous hole in the rock formation. No sweat!

After a quick swim off the side of our boat, we awkwardly anchored at Grotto Verde (Green Grotto) and dove off the boat for a group swim through the incredible cavern. It was a seriously surreal moment...very Survivoresque.

Back on the boat, we noshed on a packed lunch that our Camp Director, Tiziana prepared for us (fruit, sandwiches and Italian-style Twinkies) and navigated ourselves back to port for a stroll through Capri's luxurious shops and gardens.

After having a gelato and experiencing a great celeb sighting (Eva Mendes) we ended our Capri excursion with a coffee in Piazza Umberto, listening to the chime of the bell tower as we enjoyed the sweet island breeze.


Dave (B.I.L.) said...

Everything sounds great Courtney! Keep having fun . . . and remember the 3 keys to teaching: planning, planning and planning.

Kelli said...

wow - Court!! bringing back so many memories of my trip over there! Mi AMORE Capri!!!! I'm so glad you are experiencing all these amazing things, I can't wait to hear everything! Is there ever a time when we can call you?! I miss you!! Sarah's birthday is this weekend, it won't be the same without you!! xoxo