Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tutors of the World.....UNITE

Tutors from Ireland, England and the US joined forces in Sorrento for an incredibly successful first camp. On Wednesday night we all hit the town for a makeshift 4th of July celebration. No BBQs or fireworks here, but we did teach the National Anthem to some locals.

Our last day of teaching was yesterday, and the much anticipated show, Pirate Idol, was attended by all the parents and the Mayor of Sorrento. My group is the oldest and debuted our rendition of "Captain Jack is Back" (to the tune of Sexy Back) cleverly written by my teammate, Keiran and choreographed by me. Here's the chorus:

Go, go, go every pirate
Go, go, go get a sword
Go, go, go get a spear
Go, go, go, victory's here

If you find yourself singing the words as you wait in line at Starbucks, I won't be surprised. It's very catchy. Much like all of our camp songs, which are incessantly running through my head.

After the show we had a final goodbye dinner at our camp director Tiziana's house. She is extremely gracious and has bent over backwards to accommodate all of us. This photo was taken at her house after a delicious home-cooked pasta dinner.

Today I awoke before the roosters crowed to catch my flight back up North. My next camp begins on Monday in the mountain village of Cuneo. About 30 minutes from the French border and one hour from Torino.

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