Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back to Mac(aron)

I popped into MacarOn cafe today to discover something even sweeter than French cookies...the cafe's French chef and owner, Cécile Cannon! She was so friendly and thanked me with such sincerity for blogging about them. She even posted my review on MacarOn's facebook fan page!
To go with my double espresso ($4.50, yikes!) Cécile offered a Macaron of my choice. Although the brightly colored cookies are much more fun to look at, this caramel one was anything but bland. It tasted quite light, yet the dense center has me thinking there's nothing skimpy about its calorie content. I'll have to pace myself...

Check out fun Macaron-colored artwork....it's all over the cafe:


andrea said...

Hi Courtney,
my cousin works in Paris and gives me macarons last Christmas... pretty taste!

your blog is great!
never stop it!

Courtney said...

Hi Andrea! It's nice to have family in fabulous European cities, huh? When I was living over in Italy I brought back dirt-cheap olive oils and wine every trip. Now I have to rely on the local Italian markets in NYC.

You should try MacarOn cafe if you are ever in Midtown...so great.