Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free Eats Day 2: Slim Pickins

Note to starving self: Do not wait until 6:30p to start shopping around for samples. It ain't gonna happen sister. Not in this city where free eats disappear faster than Wall Street bonuses.

In fact, a sample catastrophe is what I witnessed tonight...empty baskets with a few crumbs (which I even thought about eating) and sample stations with the signage still up, but only used tooth picks left behind. Such a tease, but really it's my own fault. I was glued to my computer working all afternoon and completely lost track of time, confusion seeming to be a side effect of low calorie intake.

Chelsea Market and Balducci's were totally sucked dry, but will be worth a repeat visit earlier in the day tomorrow. With a stink attitude, brought on by a combination of hunger and PMS I made my pilgrimage (on the L train) to the free sample Mecca--Whole Foods Union Square.

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