Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free Eats Day 1: Costco

Despite having no intention of shopping, I wheeled a ginormous cart through the ginormous Costco warehouse doors at about 6:30pm, where I was greeted by an equally as large Costco employee who gave me the OK to enter after seeing my sister's card. No time to fiddle around with the laptops or wear out the battery on the iTouchless motion censored trash can. I went straight to Sampleville.

It took a good ten minutes walking at a brisk pace to even get to the food section, but then, like land to a lost sailor, I saw it. The sample cart. Stainless steel and beautiful. And then another one....and then....well, actually there were only two carts. Kind of disappointing after such anticipation all day. But unlike in NYC, only a handful of customers were shopping and even less seemed interested in the samples so I took a few extra for the team.Costco Melville, Long Island --6:20pm
Free Eats: 2 Travelling Chef Chicken Pot Stickers and 2 tortilla chips with Rojo's Cream Cheese Salsa
Normal Price: $9.79 for 34oz. package of pot stickers/$5.99 for 30oz tub of salsa
Method: Free Samples
Food Groups: Bread, Protein, Vegetables, Dairy
Free Thoughts: An undercover Costco worker shut down my free sample photo shoot and said it was company policy to ask management before photographing inside the store. Good thing the stickers were tasty, or I would have been slightly disgruntled. Chicken pot stickers were dipped in a tangy soy sauce (the soy packets come inside box) and were well-cooked. Salsa reminded me slightly of bottom two layers of "Seven Layer Dip"--the part that's always cold and leftover after Superbowl. Chips were extra crispy.

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