Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Eats Day 1: So Far So Free

I'm two for two today and expecting big results at COSTCO later.

Trader Joe's Commack, Long Island -- 1pm
Free Eats: TG's Double Cream Brie Cheese on a Golden Entertainment Cracker
Normal Price: Cheese $ 5.49/lb., 2 oz. box of crackers $3.99
Method: Free Sample
Food Groups: Dairy and Bread
Free Thoughts: Cheese was as creamy as the name suggests, but flavor was quite mild. Served on small paper plate. Could have probably gone back for seconds, but didn't want to push my luck on the first go.

Caffe Portofino Northpot, Long Island --2pm
Free Eats: All-Natural Whole Wheat Granola Cookie with raisin & small coffee
Normal Price: 90 cents for cookie, $1.90 for coffee
Method: Value Pak Coupon (cookie) and President's Day Special (coffee)
Food Groups: Bread, Fruit, Caffeine (a food group in my pyramid)
Free Thoughts: One of the most pleasant locations in Northport Village. A place to linger and relax (I'm still here at nearly 5pm, I arrived at 2pm). Cookie was served on sheet of wax paper and coffee in paper cup with lid. Lisa, the shop's owner, runs frequent free promotions on coffee, but her most popular items are the $2 over-sized muffin tops that come in seven varieties including Apple Cinnamon Walnut and Lemon Poppy Blueberry. Wi-Fi is fast and free too! Jim, a frequent patron, gave two free serenade's on the coffeeshop's piano.

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