Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Beauty Roundup

It is the dawn of a new weekend. After a week of traipsing in and out of NYC, surviving hours of interviews and meetings, I am giving myself a little pampering, in the form of a recessionista haircut. Well, it's not so much pampering, as it is a loooong overdue necessity to cut my damaged split ends that have been stuffed up in a hat for the past few weeks.

The chop is happening today at 1:30p at Regis salon, which I admittedly used to put on par with the Lemon Tree for two undesirable qualities: it's a chain, it's located in a mall. But after doing some research and reading about Regis on this week, I've decided the salon is a safe and money-saving bet. Reportedly, their $18 "Ultimate Repair Treatment" will pump up your locks with vitamins, shine and moisture in only 15 minutes. And a typical haircut is a super steal at only $50.

Other eye-opening news on the beauty front: an eye drop that was originally intended for Glaucoma patients has a most curious side effect: growing luscious eye lashes! The drug, called Latisse, will be available with prescription in about 6-8 weeks and costs about $120 a month for a small bottle.
Oh goody! Does this mean that celebrities will finally stop pasting grotesque falsies to their lids? Will this revolution in cosmetic vanity see an end to the fringy, feathery and spidery stick-ons?
This brown-eyed girl has another secret to long lashes....being Italian. Thick hair just seems to grow without drops, potions or pills. Needless to say, I will not be coughing up the monthly Latisse fee. I've got travel plans to save up for!

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Lauren (Lo) said...

Not all of us are lucky enough to have fab eyelashes due to our lineage :) do have gorgeous where I prob won't invest in this stuff (notice the "probably") I do love some good falsies!!