Thursday, January 15, 2009

Favorite Entries: Island Reef Job

The Today Show, New York Times and nearly every other news outlet in the world has been buzzing this week about the Queensland Tourism Board's recent job opening for a Great Barrier Reef ambassador. The official job title is "Hamilton Island Caretaker" and the responsibilities include painstaking tasks like cleaning leaves from your villa's infinity pool, blogging and vlogging about island activities, and collecting mail that drops onto your patio via plane.

The $100,000 6-month salary, deluxe digs and laid back island temptation have prompted a frenzy of hopefuls to submit videos to YouTube and the job's official site,

Entrants are as colorful and diverse as the reef itself, from a singing college freshman to a goth father-son duo, to my current favorite, Extremely Close-up "Vito The PlantSoap?" from Italy:

A Capella College Hopeful...Better suited for American Idol?

Peter The Job Whisperer (note Ozzy Ozbourne look-a-like at end)

Blurry, Over-sedated Craig from the UK

Crooked Tash from Australia

David, the Lean Mean Green Screen Machine

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Paul said...

I submitted a video that literally rocks. Check it out.