Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ombralonga: An Italian "Wine Crawl"

Each October, wine lovers pour into the sleepy city of Treviso by the tens of thousands for one of Italy's most festive enogastronomic events, the Ombralonga.

Ombra literally means shadow but in Venetian dialect an ombra is a glass of wine, and there isn't a shadow of doubt that Ombralonga's partiers are serious about their vino. But they have good reason to be. The Veneto region is brimming with incredible vineyards that produce Prosecco, Soave and Veneto's biggest red, Amarone, from the Valley of Valpolicella.

Le Ombre

This year, the Ombralonga is at 10am on Sunday, October 19. Upon arrival you'll pay €10 for all the day's essentials: a cup, a cup-holder that you wear around your neck, a map of the historic city center, an apron, and a spork. Yes, a spork.

And you're off. Go at your own pace as you meander in and out of the city's osterie and enoteche which all offer local wines paired with typical Trevigano dishes, including polenta and risotto with radicchio and porchetta trevigiana.

Piazza dei Signori

Piazza Borsa and Piazza dei Signori will likely be the best places to mingle with other young revelers, listen to music, and witness the true (and often drunken) spectacle of Ombralonga. From Piazza dei Signori follow the crowds down the narrow Vicolo Barberia to Osteria dalla Gigia for the best mozzarella in carozza you've ever tasted. Gooey mozzarella cheese deep-fried between two pieces of oily bread and served piping hot. It complements any wine buzz and is the perfect way to complete this traditional and tasty tour of Treviso.

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Anonymous said...

ciao! it'd be funny to know the reactions of foreign people that read your blog. and for those of you that worry about this tradition...well, our neighbors in the friuli-venezia-giulia region are much "worse" :) cin cin