Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Yes, I'm guilty of blogger neglect and it's all New York's fault. For nine days I was sucked back into the rat race, trying to spend as much time with family and friends while also accomplishing some major To-Do's. Top on my list:

1. Buy a laptop - I might be one of the only working travel bloggers without her own computer...until now. I got an amazing deal on a Compaq at Best Buy and can now take full advantage of the wireless internet service in my Italian apartment! Now that the weather is springy I've decided to wake up early and write outside on the terrace, while noshing on a croissant and sipping an espresso, of course. It just seems more Italian that way.

2. Know anyone who needs a Sublet? - Subletting can be a wonderful solution to a job abroad. I've been lucky so far in this department and had a reliable friend-of-a-friend keeping my bed warm for me while I am away. But now she's on the outs so it's back to Craigslist. Weirdos and insomniacs need not apply.

3. Broaden my Blogging Horizons: Word came in last week from travel blog that I'll be one of their new contributing editors. They found me through The Lost Girls site and after reviewing a few of the test posts I wrote in NY they decided to bring me on board. I'll be a regular contributor beginning next week. You can find all of my stories here!

I'm falling asleep at the keyboard...zzz

Buona notte!!

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gigi from New Jersey said...

New York is a blackhole that sucks up time , energy and money and even the cosmic dust in its wake. I suspect that Venice has a much slower pace with more time to actually live. I am curious, are you working while you are there? I am aspiring to join the growing American ex pat community in Europe and am always curious as to how people who take the great leap negotiate the logistics of finding work abroad etc. I hope to gain insight about this through this and the lost girls blog site.