Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three's Company

It was the strangest moment - I arrived home on an ordinary Friday to see two of my favorite people from the U.S., my best friends Kelli and Maggie, in the flesh. They were casually leaning out of my second story window shouting, "Buongiorno...Ciao Bella!" and then bum rushed me with American kisses (the one-cheek variety) and hugs.

They are the first of my friends to visit from the U.S. and their presence was like a flood from my former life. They were chock full of gifts and news from the motherland: Crest mouthwash, Herbal Essences mouse, PEOPLE, US Weekly, the NY POST and OK Mag, updates on the newest NYC restaurants, clubs, political scandals, fashion trends, pregnant friends, engagements, etc. I was inundated with American-ness and at that moment there was no better feeling in the world. It took only 20 minutes before all of my repressed American slang weaseled its way back into my vernacular.

Totally; wanna; awesome; I'm over it; gotta; whatever; you guys; gimme a break. Ya' know?

But talk of America was quickly replaced with excited questions about Italy: my job, my new friends, the men, and of course our ambitous three-day itinerary.

Day 1-Venice
Day 2-Wine tour in the prosecco hills of Conegliano
Day 3-Road trip to Verona

To be continued...

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