Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tea for Flu and Flu for Tea

My mildly sore throat has turned into a pesky flu. "Sick Days" just aren't as much fun when you are actually sick. But they are a good excuse to wear your most unattractive ensemble (today's includes mis-matched slouch socks, spandex pants and a side ponytail).

I just had a breakfast of champions-- Advil, Sudafed and hot tea. For lunch I might treat myself to some pasta with a side of Benadryl and and for dessert, some eucalyptus cough droups.

I'm not the only one who's down for the count. Lots of the kids are coughing and sneezing and, admitedly, I've been lazy about applying my Purell Hand Sanitizer, much to my Nana's disapproval.

Fellow American expat and teacher, Stephanie, is
also battling a sore throat. On Saturday we threw ourselves a pity party, complete with lentil soup, fair trade tea with honey and a feel good screening of Under the Tuscan Sun (it was between that and The Notebook, but we opted for the more uplifting of the two, seeing as neither of us have a "Noah" to speak of). We were both asleep before Diane Lane had even made her way across the Atlantic...
Major motivation to get well is is Friday's arrival of my two best friends from the U.S.! Yippee!

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free ruby said...

sounds like a nightmare good would a fresh juice from pure food takeaway taste right now? one of the only things i miss about nyc. hope you get better soon!! x