Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

It's 5 o'clock and I'm still in my slippers. I love Sunday.

It's very mellow at the house today. Dani is watching Ice Age, which he just downloaded from eMULE. From what I can grasp it's a cross between Napster and iTunes but it's completely free (and presumably illegal?)

Santi went back to Spain for a week. Erica just got home from a run, Gianni took a stroll into town and I am taking a break from lesson planning so I can do some blogging.

My first week back to Italy was busy but exciting. I had new students, got a new bike and made some new girlfriends from Amsterdam who are also working in Treviso.  Slowly but surely, life here is becoming more social and less solitary!

In other good news, my Italian is rapidly improving!  I haven't had the time to attend many of my evening classes but I actually find it equally as effective to talk with my roommates and Italians I meet out.   My confidence is growing which seems to be half the battle when it comes to speaking a foreign language.  And after two glasses of wine, forget about it, all of my Italian words and phrases come spewing, talk, talk, talk.  All of my talking this week has done a numer on my throat.  Yesterday I couldn't speak at all.   Today, after a few cups of tea and lemon I'm starting to sound less like female escort and more like myself (nasal and high-pitched). 

Here's a photo I took on my first night back in Treviso.  The town was still glowing with holiday lights.  Che bella!  

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