Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Love or Hate: Work on Saturday

We've all had those mornings - you wake up groggy and cranky, look at the clock and panic that you're already 20 minutes late. You rush around, try to find matching socks and then, in a moment of sheer bliss, you realize, "Wait a minute...it's Saturday!" Then you throw the covers over your head and drift into several more dreamy hours of sleep.

Actually it's a typical Saturday morning for me, well, minus the moment of sheer bliss and dreamy hours of sleep. Instead, after the matching socks part, I'm usually glugging down a double espresso whilst throwing on some half-assed makeup and racing out the door to catch the 7:30 bus. I hate to even put these words into print, but, I WORK ON SATURDAY. It defies any logic my body knows and makes me grouchy to be writing about it.

Ok, enough whining. I may be singing the Saturday Morning Blues but in reality there is a plus side to the Italian school schedule. The reason there is school on Saturday is because during the week there isn't school in the afternoon. That means I'm one of the lucky few who actually gets to choose how I spend my afternoon! Sightseeing in Venice, blogging, private English lessons, cycling, shopping (at the 1 Euro Store) or chit chatting with the local merchants to buff up on my Italian.

This afternoon the weather was perfect so, of course, I went straight to Venice and toted my new camera, a generous birthday gift from my family. To avoid another tragic incident like this summer's, I proudly dangled my new hardware around my neck for that extra touristy (and geeky) look. I forgot what a joy it is to have a functional camera. Yippy!! Here are the first snaps with my new toy. Enjoy...

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