Monday, January 28, 2008

Italian Bathrooms: The Good, The Bad, and The Squatty

There isn't alot to be said about the public bathrooms here in Italy. Some don't even have toilets, but rather a hole with two indications where you position your feet. Trust me when I say, this contraption takes squatting to a new, unpleasent level. There should be a warning sign above the hole: PEE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

And it's not only dive bars and petrol stations that fashion the squat-a-rific bathrooms. I've even seen discos and restaurants with the same technology (or lack thereof)!

All potty talk aside, Italy does have one fantastic bathroom invention, which I came across last week at a local Trevigiana hotspot, Amami. It's a pay-per-use hair dryer and straightener!

Finally, someone is thinking clearly. The invention costs up to 2 Euro per use and I assume you'd get just enough minutes of power to sexy up your doo (or dry your pant legs).

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Katelyn said...

hey, my sister is friends with your sister and she showed me your blog. very cool! i studied abroad in spain last year so i have similar experiences :) can i link your blog from mine?