Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home!

It's a rainy one here in Treviso but that shouldn't put a damper on the festivities. The plan is to finish school at about 4:30, do some private lessons near my house and then race home to prepare my grandmother's peas & onions (my contribution to the Thanksgiving feast).

I already have the recipie ready to prepare, sent to me via text message (thanks Mom)! It's the perfect side dish for a juicy oven roasted turkey...or a few grilled turkey patties...or some sliced turkey meat from the deli...really it will be whatever we can find in Treviso. As I've learned, turkeys are not top sellers at Italian butcher shops.

I will then bus it over to Stephanie's house. She's the other American who has set up shop in Treviso! We met over the weekend and she was gracious enough to invite me to tonight's dinner. The guests will be a mix of Americans, Brits, and Italians which always makes for lively conversation.

Of course nothing can compare to my family's Thanksgiving table, but maybe they will save me some turkey. Do you think it'll keep until Christmas?? ;)

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PiDDuE said...

Ciao e ben arrivata a Treviso!

It's a beautiful town, with a social pattern very proud and particular.

I live in Istrana/Paese and I'm working in Treviso too, if you have any question about the town... just ask!

Enjoy Treviso! ;-)