Monday, August 20, 2007

Lazy Days in Liguria

Liguria's pristine coastline and lively scene attract droves of Italian families and tourists every weekend. Some might say the highlights of the Ligurian lifestyle are its endless beaches, luxurious hotels, and mouthwatering pesto. While that may be true, I've got a few lesser-known perks for you:

1. "Jimbo" Baiardo, Italy - My gracious host for a one night's stay in Baiardo, a tiny medieval mountain village due north of Sanremo. Originally from England, Jim is now a part of the restoration project in Baiardo. When he's not rebuilding the village's ancient homes, he's gleefully entertaining the revolving door of ACLE tutors who spend their down time here. Jim's got a lot to tell; stories galore. He appreciates the smaller things in life, like a cold beer and the ringtones on his newly acquired cell phone. As I drifted off to sleep he tested the 10 ringtones, giggling with delight after each. Ribit, ribit, mooooooooo, driinnn driiinnnn... you get the idea. He finally settled on the cow, a fine choice indeed.

2. Vince's Veggie Patties: They are legendary...a refined blend of chickpeas, onion, and a bit a tuna, if you're lucky. Thanks for all of your hospitality, Vince!

3. Eldery Beach-goers: nothing says "Italian Riveria" like a sea full of senior citizens. But it just so happens that my local sunning spot was also a favorite for Liguria's over 65 crowd. Bronze and robust, the women flaunted their curvacious figures, while the leaner men paraded in skimpy Speedos. No photo for this entry folks, but if you're ever in Sanremo, pay a visit to the beach just across the pirate-themed restaurant. It's magic.

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