Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Camp Paradise

I didn't think it was possible to put summer camp and paradise in the same sentence, but in Sorrento, this is the case. At this ACLE camp over 70 children have signed up to participate in the two week English immersion, complete with a swimming pool and fountain, tennis court, soccer field and a full bar with views of the bay of Sorrento.

Day one was intense. With 20 students and only one tutor (me), I was challenged to keep their attention and make a strong first impression. Not easy when you have perplexed teenagers who only want to swim ALL day long. As the day's events got underway I was making progress and forming bonds. I found that pool time was a great way to casually speak English with them and to use games to disguise grammar lessons. I'm learing that preparation is the key to this job. Never let the energy die.

Last night was my 10-year-old host brother's final soccer match of the season. It was a big event and the parents were as enthusiastic as ever. Medals were handed out for good sportsmanship and a successful year. All of the parents snapped photos and praised their sons for a job well done. The women prepared all of the sweets and cakes for the post-game ceremony. As the sun set on the hills of Sorrento my family and I drove back home for a late meal of penne with zucchini and shrimp, zucchini parmesean and fried zucchini flowers, all from Ondina's garden.


Chris Pereira said...

you're a great writer. its inspiring to see you leave VH1 and do this.

Nicky said...

A full bar at a children's summer camp? Only in Europe... Can you fed-ex me some of that cheese please?