Saturday, April 4, 2009

Travel Site Does It Right: Trazzler

New travel sites spring up weekly on the web. Many just re-invent the wheel with regurgitated travel tales and basic technology. Not Trazzler. With an all-star development team including online travel media guru, Adam Rugel, and the founders of Twitter, the eight-month-old site is picking up major steam and a huge travel-obsessed fan base.

It's Trazzler's "snapshot of a moment" stories and funky personalization technology that make the site so fresh and user-friendly. You can customize your Trazzler experience, create a travel wishlist and receive "dream trip" suggestions on the regular. Join Trazzler on Facebook, follow the gang on Twitter or add the application to your iPhone. Once you sign-up you'll be hooked.

As a new Trazzler freelancer, you can keep up with my stories here (about New York City and Italy, of course).

Keep on Trazzlin'!


giuseppe said...

great, great and great! i'm planning another trip to nyc this year and i liked the hudson river park suggestion a lot. grazie :)

Lauren (Lo) said...

Great court!! Maybe I will become a freelancer too!