Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Eats: Wiener Winks

Going on a "free eats" date not only makes for quality blog content, but also eliminates the dreaded dutch date scenario. The wallet standoff, the awkward bill division ("well, you only had an appetizer and I ordered two steaks so just give me $15..."), or the ever-so-fun double credit card drop. Nothing like splitting the bill to make you feel like a real lady.
But I digress. Back to the free date. I took my own advice and set it up at 5Ninth, the charming three-story townhouse with fireplaces and exposed beams. It's the perfect escape from the club-ridden streets of the MPD.

5Ninth had all the key elements...romance, candlelight, red wine, and free wiener winks. For those of you who aren't already migrating to Wikipedia, that's jive talk for pigs in a blanket.

In fact, the only missing element was...err...the date, actually. No, I didn't get stood up, and I guess I did have a date, she just happened to be my best friend, Kelli. (I've yet to find a guy who will entertain my Whole Foods date idea. I think when I do find him I'll marry him.)
Now I know some of you might be planning your next romantic date around National Pigs in a Blanket Day (April 24th) but I say there's no time like the present to share free sausage-wrapped finger foods with friends and loved ones at 5Ninth. They're being dished out every Sunday-Wednesday from 5pm-9pm at 5Ninth.

Word has it tator tots are also on the loose.

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Nonon Yee said...

wow...this is quite an interesting blog...^_^...i love those free foods...if only all third world countries had a those, then no one would be hungry...hehe