Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Eats Week: The Rules

Just got questions from a couple friends regarding the "Cans and Can'ts" of eating for free. Here are the rules I've laid out for myself:

1. Definition: "Free Eats" implies that the food is legitimately free, not bought by a friend or kind-hearted stranger.

2. Drinking: This girl's gotta drink her morning Mate, even during her Free Eats experiment. Water is free anyway so I'll be drinking a ton of that. Social drinking is tricky but I've gotta make a call and I say "Free Eats" is independent from drinking, so my money can be spent on an occasional glass of wine. Free wine tastings will be blogged about, though.

3. Proof: All free food will be accurately documented through photos, videos and detailed reports on my blog.


T Gregory said...

that's awesome! i eat for free sometimes. it's called "my parents house". :) and girls drink for free all the time, anyway. you shouldn't have a problem there.

looking forward to the pics.

Anonymous said...

do you have a Costco card?

wuiakb said...

Amazing, Best of luck. I did something similar to this.. were a drank for free for a week.. anything is possible in New York. Check out Rudy's Bar n Grill on 44th and 9th. free hot dogs. Also alot of the farmer markets in the city don't sell all of their produce, so they end up throwing out alot or giving it away. And the alligator lounge (and its sister bar crocodile lounge) have free pizza with any drink.. so if buying a glass of wine or soda is allowed.. BOOM.. free dinner, haha. Good luck Courtney!