Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free Eats Day 2: Whole Foods

Whole Foods Union Square, New York -- 6:30pm
Free Eats: 2 large uncured pepperoni pizza samples, 1 cinnamon rhubarb bun
Method: Pizza taken from sample tray. The cinnamon buns were packaged on the bakery counter but I saw a girl ask to try one anyway, so I followed suit.
Food Groups: Bread, Protein
Free Thoughts: Again I was reminded of the "no camera or video policy" so I hid out in a deserted aisle to take this blurry evidential photo of my pizza. Note: the large slice of pepperoni on top - not typically my favorite but it got me some protein. I carried the cinnabun home in a Ziploc bag and gussied it up with some dim lighting and decoration. Yes, it tasted better that way.

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