Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free Eats Day 1: Dry Cleaning Pick-Up

My blood sugar hit a slump at 5:30pm and my mind was fixated on one thing...the menu at COSTCO. But with two major errands to run--picking up my favorite pants at the dry cleaner and getting the COSTCO card from my sister's house--food was still about an hour away. So you can imagine my elation when I noticed a delicious bowl of candy and peppermints ready to sample on the counter of the Meadowlark Drive-In Dry Cleaner. I dug through the mints in search of my favorite candy, the one with faux-strawberry wrapper and gooey center. I must have looked pretty desperate as I rummaged around, because about two seconds later the lovely woman came running out with her candy reserves, which included a big handful of my favorites, Strawberry Delights.

Meadowlark Drive-In Cleaners East Northport, Long Island -- 5:30pm
Free Eats: Two Strawberry Delights candies
Normal Price: $1.65 per pound
Method: Free Sample
Food Groups: 100% sugar and I loved every grain of it
Free Thoughts: These fruity candies are not only delightful, but Kosher too. Made by Columbina Candy Company, Inc. based out of Miami.

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