Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NYE in NYC...with a bunch of Italians.

What happens when the Euro skyrockets and Italians have some vacation time? They all come to New York City!

So many were in town for the holidays that friends at Made in Italy NYC had to throw a New Year's Eve party to accommodate everyone. Good thing too, because with frigid temperatures in the teens I would have felt awful if they were stuck out in Times Square watching Dick Clark and Miley Cyrus.

Of course I was in attendance at the party too, as I find it hard to pass up a chance to reconnect with Italy. As I waded through the sea of foreigners I was taking notes on what truly defines an Italian Capodanno party:

1. The music: slightly cheesy to start including such favorites as YMCA and Mambo #5 but ending with hours of incredible house music.

2. The food: passed Pandoro slices for everybody washed down by bottle after bottle of prosecco.

3. The crowd: a mix of families and friends of all ages, all together under one roof.

4. The entertainment: one loud MC, two live percussionists and a trio of Latin dancers with abs to envy.

5. The countdown: Firstly, it began at 26 instead of 10. Is that an Italian tradition? Also, they say, "minus 5, minus 4, minus 3..." whereas we just say the numbers.

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giuseppe said...

ciao! very funny...especially the part where you can hear the mc shout "andiamo milano!!" :)