Friday, January 2, 2009

Nine Resolutions for '09

I spent most of New Year's day nursing a 2008 prosecco hangover. Today it has finally dissipated enough for me to focus on some more important new year business--resolutions.

Experts say you shouldn't commit to any resolutions that are too unattainable or vague. So with that in mind I've made a targeted list of nine resolutions that remain in the realm of achievability. In no particular nine for '09:

1. Become proficient at playing the djembe drum
It might sound like an odd one, but I've had this amazing drum since '07 that I must learn to properly play. One, because when I play it improperly my hands become bruised and numb, and two, because I'm sick of being an amateur. Here's me jamming out in my apartment a couple years back...

2. Travel
An obvious one, but seeing as I don't yet have any '09 flights or itineraries booked, I knew it'd need to be on my resolution list as a constant reminder to GET A MOVE ON! I just love the characters I meet on the road...

3. Spend less time procrastinating on the Internet
Note to self: the world is not going to end if I don't log onto Facebook.

4. Blog more
It's therapeutic and thought-provoking. Enough said.

5. Ride my bicycle often
I want to find a new apartment in '09 that's near my office so I can put my Metro Card away and take to NYC by bike.

6. Avoid gyms
I know this is contrary to many Americans' idea of a "resolution" but my goal here is to maintain a lifestyle that's active enough to keep me out of smelly gyms. It's all part of my anti-chair ass campaign that I began last year...

7. Watch fewer romantic comedies
My sis recently forwarded me a study that showed watching too many romantic comedies causes a strain on your love life. Hmm. So maybe toting The Notebook around all of Italy with me wasn't the best choice? In '09 it's all about indie films and documentaries. Slumdog Millionaire was a good start and I'm still dying to catch Gomorrah.

8. Explore more of New York
New Yorkers who live in NYC tend to live in a bubble. We often forget how much we have at our doorstep. This year I am going to be a tourist in my own city.

9. Make it memorable...for all the right reasons


giuseppe said...

ciao! i do agree with you on most of the res...and i think i'll make them mine. let's see...starting with # 2...florida here i come :)

ps: have you read that the mafia was selling illegal copies of gomorra without the subtitles (to make sure people from outside naples could not understand the dialogues!)

Courtney said...

Wow, I didn't hear about that! Although unfortunately it doesn't surprise me...