Friday, January 23, 2009

Hey Mickey...Hey Mickey

If I were a celebrity, I'd want to live in NYC. It's nonchalant enough to give celebs a shot at normalcy, the paparazzi is not nearly as overt as in Hollywood and there's sort of an unspoken rule around city restaurants and nightlife...don't make a fuss.

Well, all rules went out the door last night as I witnessed what I imagine would drive a celebrity crazy. It happened at Bijoux, the underground den operated by Unik and Kyky, formerly of PM. As the place got more and more cramped I noticed Mickey Rourke and Donna Karan inconspicuously mosey in. They sat at the table next to where I was sitting, and proceeded to follow club protocol: mix yourself a drink and blend in. Before they could even take a sip, Unik got on the microphone and announced something to this effect:

"We are so happy tonight, it's going to be a beautiful party. We have Mickey Rourke in da house, everybody gotta check out his movie The Wrestler. He just won an Oscar. Donna Karan is also here, big shout out to her."

I cringed!! Sure enough, a flood of actress wannabes and other fans swarmed the table and asked for photos. Not only did Unik announce their arrival, he reminded patrons about his honorary guests throughout the night, one time even turning the music down to make sure EVERYONE could hear him.

Neither Donna nor Mickey seemed to be phased by their shoutouts, but Bijoux, don't you know better?

Luckily Mickey escaped at a reasonable hour (2am), left his Rum and Coke behind and got some beauty sleep for his big Today Show appearance this AM.

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