Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maté Update

Seems many of my friends have gone out and bought Yerba Maté tea, per my recommendation. So many, in fact, that when I went to purchase more of the La Merced Organic, it was sold out! Ha! I guess my "weight-loss" endorsement is sounding pretty appealing during the holidays.

In case you're trying to purchase tea now and it's "out of stock" I found another reputable site,, with good prices, PayPal and lots in stock.

A faithful follower of my blog and dear friend, Lo, has been testing out her first few batches of Maté in the french press and her feedback was, "It tastes like hay. Is it supposed to taste like hay?"

To dilute the earthy, grassy flavor you can add soy, honey, lemon, milk, or splenda. Or just brew less leaves, more water.

Once my new shipment comes I'll do a Maté Vlog "How To" demonstration. Until then, feel free to post questions here and I'll be happy to answer.

Happy Holidays!


Lauren (Lo) said...

Thanks for the shout out :) I am still using the tea bags and need to venture to the french press again...all in good time :)

Can't believe they are sold out.

Lauren (Lo) said...

I am not usually into artificial sweeteners but a spot of splenda does help. Still using the tea bags though :)

Lauren (Lo) said...

Brewing up some french presses Mate at this very moment :)

Courtney said...

bold move my dear....doesn't it keep you up?

Lauren (Lo) said...

Well I always have tea before bed...doesn't it have less caffeine than green tea?