Friday, May 16, 2008

BCNcredible: Tapas Gem

Can you believe all of these BCN posts were from one day of sightseeing? You'd think I had a turbo jet pack strapped to my back (hehe, funny visual). Anyway, let's recap - morning at the market, Internet cafe and numerous beaches, afternoon kicked off with Gaudi, which takes me to today's post -- LUNCH.

Since I was alone I decided to go on an epic quest for the perfect tapas place. Despite having two guide books with me, each recommending their #1 picks (one was Tallers de Tapas in The Gothic), I wanted to find my own personal fav. Drum roll please.....

Bar del Pi. It's situated in one of The Gothic's smaller but incredibly charming squares, Plaça del Pi. The outdoor tables are nicely shaded and the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi provides the picture-perfect backdrop. Inside the bar, it had all the elements I was after, a sprinkling of tourists but mostly local clientele, rustic old-world charm, tasty- looking seafood tapas and a smiley young waiter.

Using alot of finger pointing I ordered two tapas plates, croquettes with minced pork and a crab and pepper salad with vinegar and lemon juice. I asked for a recommendation on the wine and was given a light red.

The weather was perfect for al fresco dining--cool and breezy. An Asian woman was playing soothing melodies on a one-stringed Danbau (like a zither) as I perused my guide books for good afternoon attractions.

Although the conditions were just right for hours of relaxing in the square, I wanted to check out the Cathedral before dark and then shower up for a night of dancing so I took a shot of coffee and tracked down my waiter, Sami, for my bill. He surprised me by speaking English and even made a joke about the amount I owed. He said something like, "That'll be 1,000 Euro please!"

Of course I joked back and said, "I thought it was free!", to which he responded, "OK, it is. It's free."

After some more funny back and forth, he insisted that my meal was free and suggested that I can pay full price the next time I come to the bar. I thanked him in every language I knew and strolled down a cobblestone alleyway feeling smiley, thinking, "Yeah, I'll be back."


k said...

i don't know how i even stumbled across your blog, but i've been lurking for a while. anyway, your post today brought up fond memories of my own trip to Barcelona and eating tapas by myself in one of the squares. it was one of the best experiences i had dining alone.

Courtney said...

Hi K! Do you remember which tapas place it was?

Nomadic Matt said...

I always enjoyed the tapas in barcelona. dinner at midnight was the best! :)

Christine Gilbert said...

I love Barca. Nice pics, sounds like you made the most of your time there!